Information of International Culture Golumpki Food

What can be your favorite recipe from your homeland? Or your parents homeland that is?

For me, it’s golumpki – a Polish dish that my parents learned to help make from my personal grandparents, who learned to generate it from their parents. Golumpki is actually soft-boiled cabbage stuffed with rice and meat and served with tomato sauce.

Golumpki is  one of my last social links to a Polish ancestry that – as I get older – I continue to lose touch with. As a fourth generation u.s. resident, my cultural relationship with Poland has diminished as my family members, which may have once spoken Polish or informed myself more about our family’s journey to America, have passed away.

However, while many of my family’s Polish ancestry may be lost to time, the food remains – and stays delicious. Another food that is polish/Slavic my family and I like are pierogis – dumplings filled  with potatoes or other filling – although, to be honest, we don’t make those ourselves; we buy  them frozen at the grocery store.

But I was perhaps not alone in sharing that love for the dishes from my ancestors’ homeland; an incredible number  of Us citizens can state a dish or two that was passed onto them from a relative that came from the old world. At CCA, we comes week that is together next celebrate and discuss some of the many intercontinental delicacies that we all enjoy.

CCA’s Office of Student Life will host International Village on Tuesday, March 22 – an event designed to showcase the variety that is huge of food that exists in  the CCA community. CCA students, staff members, and faculty are encouraged to carry their particular culture’s meals, music, dance, art, or whatever else they need to share from their particular culture.

CCA students possess a wide range of international culture to draw from – a 2014 survey by  the college’s English as a 2nd language department discovered that  the department serves come  from 65 countries and speak 60 dialects. And many CCA students have come to America recently; of the more than 300 students the surveyed, more than 60% have already been in The usa for  less than five years.

CCA pupils who want to discuss their most favorite social dish or sample the food, dancing, or any  other cultural party of another tradition tend to be encouraged  to attend International Village week that is next. There is certainly still time to sign up and share several  of your heritage with CCA.