Dinner with Friends, & Golumpki

We’ll focus on Thursday since I was a lazy blogger the other day. My Her:Grow group found up Thursday night at Gallery Twenty-Two. This was more of a pre-holiday get together than a book-centric meeting. We had fun just talking and time that is spending. We supported A Child’s Put Winter Kickoff Drive which I highly recommend looking at as they have been an extremely deserving charlotte non-profit.

That night I played double-duty and met my good friend Laura and her sister Alicia out. Alicia visited from Colorado and I had gotten to know her through her visits when we existed with Laura.

Last i made Golumpki which are Polish Stuffed-Cabage Rolls week. One of my friends that are old large school was kind sufficient  to share her grandmother’s recipe with me. I won’t disclose her family recipe, but I found an extremely one that is similar should you decide’re interested in trying it for your self.  Brad and I both conformed that this recipe is actually a keeper!

Friday night Brad took the reins and dinner that is cooked. He made Pork Chops, Stuffing, and Brussels Sprouts. I make an effort  to get away with not cooking on the weekends so it had been nice that Brad walked in. We’d a low-key night and merely recovered from the week.

Saturday we compared the test brick we received on Friday to the household we found with the Boral that is original Brick loved. We have always been thrilled that the brick is identical! We put our very own order in and they are looking  to have the foundation bricked by the first week of December!

That night the friend’s Kevin and Beth came over for drinks beforehand and next meal at Midwood Smokehouse . Beth is so sweet and brought me a tactile hand soap from Bedside Manor it smells great– I can’t wait to use it! We experienced a lot of fun with all of them…and I believe my dog Bindi wanted to get home with Kevin haha

Sunday ended up being another extremely relaxed day…it was rainy in PJ’s so we spent most of it. I made tasty Crockpot Chinese Pork tenderloin and we watched a few films.

Anyone have any fun Thanksgiving plans this few days? In my opinion I will be headed over  to Brad’s uncle’s residence for a meal that is big. Bring on the short few days!