Cabbage Meatloaf Golumpki

I married as  a Polish family members. Try as I may my golumpki never came out appropriate. Tough cabbage, filling mix like lead, or worse — a crumbled heap of meat and grain. I tried adding egg (meatloaf golumpki?), tomato soup, every trick I can  find in the cookbooks the church ladies sold after Mass annually. My husband poured on  the Heinz to make them palatable.

After close to twenty years of frustration I threw right up my hands and said, “Make  them yourself.” So he did. But first, he asked the experts for advice. Turned out Farmer Paul is his mother’s son, his aunt’s nephew and  a decent Polish cook. It took time, but we’ve got an operational system now. He still likes ketchup in it but these Polish yummies wouldn’t need thing beyond a slice that is fresh of rye loaves of bread on the side.

1 medium cabbage, frozen whole at least 24 hours up to 3 days
1 cup of cooked River brand rice
1 pound hamburger, 20/80 fat to lean
1 one inch cube salt pork, chopped small
Pepper and salt to flavor
Large baking dish that is oval
Inside  a fry that is small, sauté the chopped salt chicken until crispy and the fat has been introduced from the meat. Strain and reserve fat, discarding the pork meat. Put your ground beef in a bowl that is large. Add 1 cup (still warm)cooked rice. Add pepper and salt to taste. Mix with arms until really blended. Add reserved fat, should be about one tablespoon, and mix again until evenly blended. Cover and refrigerate while your cabbage boils.

Cioce’s secret (we need expected sooner) to getting cabbage leaves slim, tender and easy to work with was to freeze the raw-head in advance then cook on a reasonable boil for twenty minutes. Set for about 10-15 minutes on a plate to drain and sweet. Reserve one cup of the cabbage h2o. The leaves should come off easily with little effort beyond cutting them away from  the core.

Line the bottom of your baking pan with the darker and  less tasty leaves on the outside for the cabbage. Take a hefty dimensions tablespoon full of the meat-rice combine and place on stem end (hint: cut away the part that is thickest of the stem) of a cabbage leaf. Bring each  side of leaf over into heart and roll. Place roll in cooking dish with the seam area down. Repeat until all meat is actually used. Should make about a dozen golumpki.

Pour the reserved cabbage water over top of rolls. An added delicious treat is to place sliced kielbasa around the cabbage rolls if you wish. Cover with dual layer of foil and bake about  hour on 350 degrees. Let sit 10-15 minutes before serving. Separately wrap extra rolls in plastic and freeze, they taste fantastic being  a microwave meal on busy weeknights.